Broken Path

I must apologize once again for my book not being out. My publisher made a huge move and some restructuring that took time. Now, Evolved Publishing is doing their best to get caught up. I do hope to see my book moving forward in about nine months or so. Again, I do apologize. Also, my web site had been down for quite some time and I just now got it back. I hope to respond to comments...

MY Book Keep Getting Put On Hold

Some things cannot be controlled. I have a wonderful editor and have no complaints. He is so good that he is wanted by many authors. We all know about being overwhelmed. My book “BROKEN PATH” will be out as soon as my editor can get to...


WILL BE OUT LATE ~MARCH~ DUE TO UNFORESEEN PROBLEM. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Golden Fox, a girl barely turned woman, is pursued by her hairy-face father who will stop at nothing to find her, even if he has to destroy her entire band. When Yellow Moon, a relative, burns her family’s lodges in return for the Poisoned Water of the hairy-faces pursuing her, the band is broken. Her mother, Song Bird and her Grandfather are devastated as part of their band drink freely of the poison water. One woman, Yellow Moon, turns hateful and demands that Sky Bird and Golden Fox be returned to the hairy-faces where Sky Bird’s abusive man lives. She burns their lodge for the promise of more fire water. Golden Fox’s grandfather, Eagle Thunder, never wanted to become leader of the band; but when the Hairy-face’s poisoned water takes over the minds of many of his peoples, including the Elders, he has no choice. He must lead the remnants of the band or they will die. Homeless, they travel into unknown lands. As they journey, A Holy Woman invites them to join their band. The Holy Woman Golden Fox respects, and an albino warrior that she falls for, hold a secret from her. When it appears as if life cannot get more confusing, Golden Fox’s hairy-face father finds her. What does he want from her? CHAPTER ONE A pair of hawks called out a warning from above, and Sky Bird reached for her daughter’s arm. “Come back from the edge. They will see you.” Golden Fox absently patted her mother’s hand, but squirmed to get a better look through the thick shrubs that covered the entrance to the shallow cave where they hid. Large and small rocks littered the pathway up to the cave a short distance above the valley where new grasses and flowers competed for Father Sun’s attention in the open land. From even this short distance up, she could see the glint of the stream where the night before they had filled their water bladders. Not long after Father Sun had reached his highest point in the sky, hairy-faces had come into camp offering water bladders not filled with water, but the poison drink that made their people’s minds crazy. A woman scout had found Golden Fox and her mother, told them hairy-faces had come from the wooden lodges to search for a woman with a girl who had red-gold hair. Golden Fox’s mother, Sky...

My Fourth Book Due Out In Nov. Broken Path.

After a rough start to the year with loosing three dogs, I walked and walked and sat staring at their pictures. Loosing them Nearly broke my own path as well as my husband’s. Thanks to my wonderful husband who stayed beside me as we both dealt with the loss, and the best ever editor, Lane Diamond (www.lanediamond.com), Broken Path became a book. An important book about a Peoples who almost never made it long enough to have strong children to forge forth. My Best friend, Aya Walksfar, an author herself , who write incredible mysteries, and I share the same blood lines and she helped to keep on the straight path as I wrote. Her suggestions and reading over my book created a story that I hope will one day find itself on library shelves. Find Aya’s books and mine on...


I have lost two dogs this winter and another fights cancer. My emotions are raw, well above the surface. This is me. I describe myself as one word: Emotions. Without these emotions I would not feel, not care and become indifferent to life and all it contains. THIS is not the way to live. Yes, I hurt. I hurt so much my guts twist into a knot. BUT at least I feel. I see others hurt and cry with them. I see bad things on the news everyday and cry for them. When I can no long do this, I will be dead inside. NEVER, EVER allow this to happen to you. Without our emotions, our caring for others we become hard as stone. We become as our enemy. An enemy even to our own selves. OREO 03-28-2015 MISS YOU TERRIBLY...


Ruby, I finally had the time to finish “Circles”, and enjoyed it more than I can put into words. I have no idea what is taught in American history class these days, but I do remember my own history classes, and reading and talking about the “discovery” of the “new world”, the conquistadors, etc. Very dry. This is the first time I’ve really been able to relate to all that took place then. When you put individual people, their tribes, their emotions, and actions that counter the human destruction that took place, it comes home to the reader in a way that dry history books can never replace. I love your characters – very powerful personalities – and the animals AND spirit animals are wonderful. They are both an integral part of my own life, so you can imagine my reading and nodding my head “yes” all the way through the book. I’ve started “Spirals”, and like the fact I can follow so many of the same characters as they age, mature, etc. Beautifully written! I’ll be waiting for the next one to come...

STONES, Book Three is now out! AND in Print!

http://tinyurl.com/phuq6t5 Evolved Publishing brings you another rare glimpse into ancient American Indian culture, in the third book by award-winning author Ruby Standing Deer. [DRM-Free] [Historical Fiction, American Indian, Cultural Heritage] In Book 3 of the saga of Shining Light’s people, the reader is swept into the changing world of ancient Native America. The peace that Shining Light and his family have enjoyed in the Land of the Tall Trees is shattered by his young daughter. Dove’s dream of mustangs, and of a young American Indian boy named Singing Stone, and his family known as the Mustang People, will not let her rest. The coming of the wild mustangs blessed Singing Stone’s people with a better way of life, and now these beautiful creatures are being slaughtered. Spurred on by the discovery of the yellow stone, the Hairy-Faces join with the Likes to Fight People to drive out other bands. What better way to weaken the Mustang People than to capture or kill the mustangs? Singing Stone and his family fight to protect them, but what can three do against many? Far away in the Land of Tall Trees, Dove still dreams of the mustang boy. Certain that her destiny is to be with him, young Dove begs her father to take her to him, back out onto the dangerous grasslands. Will they arrive in time to save Singing Stone and his people? When an attack by the Likes to Fight People leaves all of their possessions destroyed, Singing Stone and his family join the Blue Sky People, and together they become the Blue Sky Mustang People. With winter and danger looming ever closer, the mustangs and their protectors must keep moving, even though it is the season to stay in one place. Can they stop the Likes to Fight People and the Hairy-Faces from killing the...


UPDATE: DARRINGTON-OSO MUDSLIDE WHAT ABOUT DARRINGTON? FIRST HAND UPDATE ON MUDSLIDE The small town of Darrington, Washington struggles with the impact of the Oso Mudslide. The mudslide that occurred on March 22 crossed the major artery, Highway 530, that connected the small town of Darrington with “down below”, as the natives call it—Arlington and all points from there. The tidal wave of mud and debris swept from the north side of the Stillaguamish River, scooped up the river then slammed into the south side of the narrow valley. It rushed up through a small valley between two hills then swept back north, carrying everything in its path to total destruction. That mudslide continues to play havoc with the small community of Darrington. Highway 530 is currently buried under thirty feet of mud and debris and completely closed. What that means for the small town of Darrington is isolation and potential economic ruin, especially with summer looming close. The Bluegrass Festival, the largest of several festivals hosted on the Darrington Bluegrass Grounds, normally brings tourists and dollars to the economically challenged town. With Highway 530 blocked the festivals may face an impossible obstacle. Such festivals are important to this small community’s financial health. The small businesses in our town, as in most small towns, have a very slender margin of profit. With the increased cost of transportation of goods, that margin of profit may become non-existent. The Hampton mill that employs three hundred of our Darrington community members—a large employer for our area–faces greatly inflated costs for transportation of goods which negatively impacts the company. For other citizens of the Darrington area, what this highway closure means on a daily basis is that a short thirty minute trip to Arlington’s Haggen’s or Arlington’s Safeway stores has become a trip of over an hour and a half to a Safeway or Haggen’s in Burlington to the north and west of our town. The one hour round trip to the grocery store is a minimum three hour round trip on a dark, windy road. In addition to the pain and grief of lost loved ones, the Darrington-Oso Mudslide means that Mom and/or Dad must now be away from home an ADDITIONAL four to six hours due to the added commuting distance and the nature of the scenic route which they must traverse twice every day. The increased cost of fuel thins already-stretched budgets and adds to the tremendous stress being experienced. So...
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