What Good is Pain?


I live with migraines, sometimes for days. I am fighting one now. As I wrote part of a story I realized I was doing so to distract myself from it. I ended up putting it into my next book, Circles– The Spirals of Life–

Below are parts of that story…

“Pain is a teacher. When we know pain, we can understand other people’s pain, animal’s pain. Those who have not felt real pain cannot reach out and comfort another. I had a woman, whose head would hurt, sometimes so bad she would beg for herbs to kill the bad Spirits in her. Other times, I would see her leave our camp, go off, and wander. Just wander, and allow her mind to do the same. She would come back and paint the pictures her mind remembered, some so beautiful the whole band would gather to see them. Many would ask her to paint them something.”

When I went on my Vision Quest to receive my adult name, my uncle took pieces of flesh from my arms so I could feel it, acknowledge it, and then move beyond it and seek the Spirit world. Yes, pain is a great teacher. Listen to it, and it will guide you places you would not otherwise have found.”

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