DOES the cover really matter?


Frustration mounts as I hear artists, writers, editors speak about the cover of our books. Be honest, how many of you have glanced at covers while shopping for a book and passed it by because the cover did not appeal to you? Raise your hand if you are guilty. (raises hand)

I never gave it any thought until this came up about the color of my title. Too blue, too bright. So, now I am changing the color. Darkening the picture as well. Will it make a difference? Only passing time will disprove or prove me right or wrong, as well as the others who started this debate.

On the the picture. Myself, it makes me either take a second look or pushes my eye to the next book in line. “THEY are E-books! who cares?” Well, someone does, even if they never see the book cover again after they start reading. How many of you, while reading a paper book, glanced back at the cover? Be honest.

I’ll start. I have many times glanced back at the cover. Why? I do not really know. Maybe to pull me back into the story if something pulls me out. Or just to get a feel for the characters, the scenery. HOW do you do that with an e-book? Do you go back and look? Not me. Takes up too much time. What about you?

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