From coming Spirals book


While writing Spirals, many things have come to me through dream visions. This one really gave me pause and reflection.
This are special words from an elder to Shining Light:

Shining Light, bewildered asked how he knew so much.

He clicked for his mice and they returned. “Age, young one. Many lonely moons as I found my way walking along the Spiral searching for myself. The person we see in the reflection of still waters is only a skin. We never truly find ourselves through others either, they reflect who they think we are back to us. Only when we spend time within the Circle letting go of our skin of who we think we are, will we find ourselves.”

He picked up a handful of dirt and let it run through his fingers. “Each tiny bit of dust tells us something, but only if we are willing to sift through all of it will we ever be able to understand. Some people only hold dirt. Others feel the Energy in each speck. Even what we cannot see lives and if you try, you can feel the Energy. You do not see the air we breathe, yet without it, we would be no more. When you take in air, you take in life.”

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