Too Many material things stressing you out?


Too many material things can cause more grief that they are worth. I have over one-thousand books to start. Why? I had ideas I would become an herbalist, a Veterinarian, horticulturist, flower shop owner, and so much more. I kept all the books on top of my obsession for old books. Now I have shelves and shelves collecting dust. Dust that could be declared life forms.

I have more beads than brains. I had to have every color of every style of bead made. I started collecting them twenty years ago. Yes, I do bead work, but not as much as I did in my thirties. Still, I have enough beads, thread,needles, bone beads and everything that goes with them to fill our two spare bedrooms.

I used to be quite thin and had many hippies clothes. I still have them. Nice skirts and tops I could never fit into again unless I went on a starvation diet. Swirling skirts, embroidered tops… and more beads.

My walls are covered is beaded belts, hatbands, even beaded pictures. I have a crazy plant which has taken over two walls weaving through the Nature pictures and beaded items and now makes it way though my book shelves… and my beads.

I have magazines worth probably nothing to anyone, yet I pull out the True West, Old West, Frontier West, Wild West, Native Magazines, and still read them. I have many, many notebooks of over seven-hundred magazines my grandmother gave me that I have to look at. Am I a hoarder? or a collector? Is there a difference?

At my age, too much is just too much. I will soon be giving away most of what I have so I can walk into a room and not feel stressed and over whelmed at the stacks of books beside my filled to the max book shelves… and escaped beads. What is our worth? What we collect? Or the joy on other people’s faces when we donate things they wish they had. Pass it on. You will feel your heart lighten as you do so. AND you just might see what you never realized that you never needed.

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