How DID It Get So Dark?


Are we relics?

I woke to read in a REAL newspaper that people over 40 are becoming more of a bother now. Our ‘old ways’ mean little. I used to work for the number one Newspaper in Colorado. Used to. Greed killed it, that and a man filled with jealously because his newspaper was not as popular. He got his dirty mangled claws into it and ripped it to shreds sending hundreds of people, mostly the over 40 crowd into the gutter.

Apparently, if you were of our generation who stood tall, demanded our rights, and were willing to work labor jobs and actually sweat on the job, we now mean nothing and simply melt into oblivion because no one cares. Our lives now meaningless and our talents now in death throes, we are supposed to step aside and politely die off.

Our knowledge is no longer needed. Our wisdom, what life taught us no longer matters. My elders were respected, yes even revered for their knowledge and what they could pass onto the next generation. Advice, it appears is not necessary. You see, we are old and our wisdom is antiquated and belongs in some dusty hall in a museum no one walks through anymore. Much like a library.

We followed our parents and grandparents advice and made our lives better for it—once we got past the hormone stage, and grew up enough to listen. Each generation goes through this, yes, but we all grew up and LISTENED to our elders. Respected them. Loved them. We will not be around in 50 years to see if any of what we tried to teach the next group will remain.

Everything falls by the way—such as newspapers where real people went out on the street and found real news to report.

Pressmen, late at night, shoved rolls of newsprint in presses so you could have you paper and donuts too.

Farmers earned the right to come home after a day of sweat from working on the farm, (food, by the way does come from farms, not grocery stores with magic wands)

While you sleep, someone is out there working on roads. Waiting on tables getting crap for pay.

Making bread.

Someone is taking the endless trash that we all put out at the curb. Human Hands DO all these things.

Taking the night shift at so many jobs you never head of and may never know ever existed as they are eliminated, and sent to China so some big business can offer their CEO’s their 30th luxury car to park in a huge dark garage and collect dust.

It will not be long before they will not know what to do with all the old useless people who have some ignored right to hold a job because somewhere it says age discrimination is illegal.

SO many are homeless. WHO cares? Ignore them and they do not exist. Ignore the elders too. After all, what do we have to contribute? Wisdom is a thing of the past. Who need it anyway?

Guess what? The Dark Ages arrived years ago while we slept, and it is getting darker…and darker….

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