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Ruby: I read your novella, Dead Men and Cats, recently. I loved the suspense and the way you kept the reader guessing until the end. You have a real style, a special way of writing that keeps the reader wanting more. I found it hard to put it down and read it until I finished it.

Here are some inspiring blurbs on the reviews!

Review by: Beth Garcia on May 13, 2013 :
I enjoyed this well-written story. The characters are believable, and you get a feel for them right away. I am in awe of how the author developed such a good mystery in so few words. That is a sign of a very talented writer. I will be anxiously awaiting the next one!

Review by: K R Morrison on May 10, 2013 :
Shadow Island is such a peaceful place to live. Not on the regular tourist routes, it is a safe, quiet place for its denizens to live and love as they wish.
Until the hate crimes start.

” This is a brilliantly-written story. I loved the characters; they were so very real. Their relationships, cast in such warm, caring light by the author, was such a wonderful counterbalance to the terrible crimes that were committed.”

So, tell us about yourself. Who is Aya Walksfar, and where did she come from?

Aya: Well, Ruby, I grew up on the rougher side of a big city, and as soon as I was able to hold a pencil in my hand, I began creating alternate realities. Sometimes it beat the reality outside of my home, and at other times it helped me to make sense of the outside world. I spent a lot of time in the Carnegie Library. Wonderful place. After I left home, I lived on the road for a number of years and worked non-traditional jobs. With that background, I feel that I have a unique perspective on life.

Currently, I live on a 12-acre wildlife habitat with my wife of 25 years, Deva, our four German Shepherds, three Papillons and two horses. Everyone lives in the house, except for the horses. They complain that we keep it too warm.

Ruby: Do you have any upcoming books?

Aya: Yes, I do. In July, Mountain Springs House will be releasing the second edition of Good Intentions.

Ruby: Can you tell us a little about Good Intentions?

Aya: It’s a different kind of coming-of-age story. The young protagonist, Bev Ransom, is grief stricken when her older friend and employer, Rene Lawson, suddenly dies. Unable to let go, Bev is determined to learn more about Rene’s life. Along the way, Bev discovers a secret that changes her life forever.

Ruby: That sounds interesting. Do you have any other upcoming books?

Aya: (Smile) Yes, and I am really excited. Sketch of a Murder is Book One of the Special Crimes Team series, featuring Sergeant Nita Slowater.

Ruby: What can you share with us about Sketch of a Murder?

Aya: The gruesome murders of wealthy, prominent men forces the governor to create the Special Crimes Teams. It is a unit composed of misfits and loners, all good cops who have pissed somebody off and consequently, have been exiled to the Siberia of law enforcement. That would be bad enough, except the unit was formed exclusively to take the heat for the murders.

Sergeant Nita Slowater wound up assigned to the team when she knocked a reporter on his skinny, white ass. Now, she has to find a way to work with her superior, Lieutenant Michael Williams who, in her opinion, is in permanent PMS.

The only thing that makes it bearable is when Nita befriends a homeless, black artist, Molly the Pack Lady. When Molly dies, she wills all of her belongings to Nita. What Nita doesn’t realize is the key to the killer’s identity lies within Molly’s artwork.

Ruby: That sounds very intriguing. When is it due out?

Aya: In August.

Ruby: With so many characters to choose from, which character is your favorite, and why?

Aya: I have to admit I have a special affinity with Sergeant Nita Slowater in Sketch of a Murder. She’s a woman with attitude, but willing to learn and to change.

Ruby: Nita Slowater, that name is quite different. How do you name your characters?

Aya: Each character’s name is meant to reflect some part of their personality, some part of who they are. I use several different naming books, and, of course, go online to do research once I have a general feeling for my character. I have been known to realize halfway through a story that one of the characters is improperly named, and then I have to go back through the book and change it. (Smile)

Ruby: Are your characters’ experiences taken from your life, or the life of someone you know?

Aya: No, not exactly. What I mean is that everyone I’ve met, everyone I know, has given me insights that I use to develop my characters.

Ruby: Was there a special person who influenced you to become a writer?

Aya: My mother and my grandmother. Both of them were oral storytellers, and they encouraged me from a very young age to read, and to write poems, stories, whatever. Then they’d listen to me read them. Poor Mom and Grandma! LOL!

Ruby: What do you like to do when you aren’t busy writing?

Aya: I manage and design our wildlife habitat, train our dogs, ride the horses, hike and listen to music and read—A LOT! (Big Smile)

Ruby: Where can your readers find you?

Aya: I have a blog at http://www.ayawalksfar.com And I love facebook, it is such an interactive media. http://www.facebook.com/ayawalksfar is my profile, but they can also find me on my author’s page at http://www.facebook.com/AyaWalksfarAuthor or tweet to me on twitter.

Ruby: Thank you for being with us today, Aya. I’ll look forward to reading more of your exciting work! You have a real talent and I hope to see much more.

Aya: Thank you for inviting me, Ruby.


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