Why Do People Leave Reviews And Not Explain Themselves?


There are always going to be people you cannot please. When my first reviews of Circles came in on Amazon, I felt good. People liked my writing. All it took was one poor review to deflate me. I worried in spite of all the good reviews that I blew it. I did not write for a couple weeks.

This happened three times.

“You can’t please everyone.” Finally, this started to soak in. My last bad review, which prompted me to write this, was today. I can tell the person never read my book because he said so! So why did he give me a poor rating? I have no idea. He never stated WHY it was boring.

This is what he said: ” I didn’t read it all because it was boring, I don/t know what else to say except it was to me very boring.”

Huh? Please explain how a book never read can be anything?

I began looking at the other reviews let by the three who did not like my book. They did not give glowing reviews about others either. So, if you get a poor rating, stop and take look at their other reviews.

I now ask myself, what makes some people give poor ratings? Do they find fault with the writing or themselves? Or, maybe they can’t stand to see someone get good ratings? Is the book that bad? I do wish they would at least tell me why they left a poor rating. Good and bad reviews are helpful if they are detailed, at least more than one or two lines.

I am very thankful for those of you who have left reviews. Without them I would not know if anyone enjoyed my writing, and yes, why you may not have.

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